Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association is a confirmed speaker at the Family Research Council’s “Values Voter Summit” next month, according to Talk To Action and FRC’s web site.

Fischer seeks to imprison all gay Americans, deport all Muslim Americans, silence all mosques, and revise history books to blame the Holocaust on the gays who were being exterminated instead of the German Christian churches that assisted Hitler in hunting down the Jews.

Talk to Action notes that AFA has grown rapidly in recent years as it has fed the Christian Right lust for anger and fear:

While originally a mom and pop organization founded by the Rev. Donald Wildmon in 1977 as the National Federation for Decency, the AFA has grown considerably over the past three decades: It has a $20 million annual budget and employs more than 150 workers. It owns and manages 180 radio stations, publishes a monthly magazine with a circulation of 170,000, and it claims some 2.5 million supporters. It also sponsors OneNewsNow, a daily news service.