Wow, big week! Peter LaBarbera’s “Truth” Camp was a flaming failure, but Greg Quinlan wasn’t a limp-wristed flaming faggot, in case you didn’t know. Randy Thomas wore gay deodorant and sang songs in the car!  Mexico sailed past the United States in the marriage equality department, and Judge Vaughn Walker ruled that the marrying can get started again in California on August 18, as long as the Ninth Circuit doesn’t intervene.  And of course, Ann Coulter caused the gayest wingnut slapfight ever, over her impending appearance at “HomoCon,” which promises to be every bit as debauched as it sounds.

Meanwhile, my soundtrack this week (one of them, anyway) has been Soul Miner’s Daughter, a band you probably have never heard of.   I bet you know the female half of the band, though.  Her name is Jennifer Nettles, and she’s now with a little country band called Sugarland.  Back in the day, though, Jen was more of a blues singer, and Soul Miner’s Daughter was one of her first bands.  I’ve been following Jen’s career for over a decade, and this record, The Sacred and Profane, is truly one of the hidden treasures in my collection.

So that’s where the iTunes shuffle starts this week.  Videos after the jump.

Soul Miner’s Daughter – “3 Stones Left”

1. The Flaming Lips – “Convinced of the Hex”
2. Tina Turner – “The Best”
3. Rufus Wainwright – “April Fools”
4. Sleigh Bells – “Beach Girls”
5. Tori Amos – “Maybe California”
6. Counting Crows – “Catapult”
7. Annie Lennox – “Legend In My Living Room”
8. Ron Sexsmith – “One Last Round”
9. Josiah Wolf – “The Trailer and the Truck”
10. David Bazan – “Bless This Mess”