Here is one more reason not to build a wall separating the United States from Mexico.

Mexico’s Supreme Court has upheld a landmark law (8-2) permitting same-sex marriages in Mexico City, rejecting  the conservative federal government’s claim that the law is unconstitutional because it threatens the institution of the family.

That’s right – we don’t want a wall because some LGBT people might just want to escape south of the border to celebrate real freedom. Isn’t it embarrassing that — thanks to our fundamentalists — the U.S. keeps falling further behind other nations? Whether it is falling to 12th place in education or behind our neighbors on marriage equality, fundamentalism has done great harm to this nation. When ignorance and intolerance become celebrated political values, a nation’s decline will not be too far behind.

Let’s hope progressive forces can take back America and return it to a place of sanity, success and equality.