Hemant Mehta (The Friendly Atheist) sent spies.

Two months ago, I posted that Americans for Truth About Homosexuality was holding a “Truth Academy” in order to train the next generation of anti-gay-rights activists. Attendees needed to pay a registration fee and get a “recommendation” from a pastor. I wrote that I would gladly pay the fee for anyone who wanted to go.

Ultimately, two people — Maria Pahl and “Perry D’Olia” (a pseudonym) — were accepted into the Academy. They did this using their real names and providing the requested documents. Both were present for the entirety of the academy, with any exceptions listed below.

Also, this pretty much lines up with what Truth Wins Out has reported:

By my count, around 45 people attended the conference on any given day. That’s including the speakers and the families of the speakers, so actual attendee numbers on any given day were lower, and some new attendees were there on Friday and Saturday. Of the people attending, a large majority were older. On the first day there were only around five people attending who looked to be under the age of 30.

Forty-five people, minus Peter, minus the rest of the speakers, minus families, minus TWO’s person, minus Hemant’s people…

Sounds like twenty or so. Add that to the total attendance for NOM’s Hate-a-palooza 2010, and surely you could fill one of the sections of an Olive Garden or something.

The report of the first day from Maria and “Perry D’Olia” (well played, sir) are at the above link.