All she knows is that she hates gay people but doesn’t want to say it out loud, because it’s socially unacceptable.

It’s been hard to keep up with all the wingnut reactions to Prop 8 being overturned.  Entertaining, but hard.

For now, enjoy this clip of Wendy Wright of CWA on Hardball:

Did you notice how she brought up the only three “persecution” stories the Religious Right know about?

1.  The time the kids in Massachusetts read a children’s book that acknowledged the reality that there are different kinds of families.  Wendy Wright would prefer to lie to her children, apparently.

2.  The time the photographer in New Mexico was forced to abide the same rules as everyone else in the operation of her business, and didn’t get an exception for being a bigot.

3.  All of the millions of straight people who were maimed by robots and asteroids and three story homosexuals when Prop 8 passed.  Oh, the tragedy.

Wait, they have one more story of pain and suffering:  The time the public pavilion in New Jersey didn’t get to discriminate simply on the basis of the fact that it was owned by a church.  How’d you forget that one, Wendy?