It’s not, like, Kentucky bluegrass.  Rather, it’s Mumford & Sons, an English band who just happens to have a passionate connection with the music, and they make it their own.  This is one of the many songs that made me coin the term “bluegrasm.”  Because that’s what they give you, if you’re into that sort of thing.  “Sigh No More” is a hopeful love song — not about any one particular love, but about the idealized Love and the possibilities it brings.  That seems appropriate this week, I think.  So, we’ll base the iTunes shuffle off that and see what happens.  More videos after the jump.

1. Robyn – “Handle Me”
2. U2 – “Acrobat”
3. Prince – “Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?”
4. Katzenjammer – “A Bar In Amsterdam” [Norwegian girls with banjos!]
5. Neko Case – “Magpie to the Morning”
6. M.I.A. – “Bird Flu”
7. Cat Power – “Wonderwall” [Oasis cover]
8. Kristin Hersh – “Gin”
9. Imogen Heap – “Between Sheets” [Instrumental version]
10. Phil Collins – “True Colors”

What a FUN mix.  Videos: