The Senate has confirmed Justice Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. It was expected, of course, but there you have it.

UPDATE: For the real reporting on this, we of course go to Jack over at the Wonkette:

There she is, Miss Supreme Court. There she is, your ideal. At long last, Elena Kagan has gone from the cocoon of Senate confirmation hearings and emerged a beautiful judicial butterfly. In what is now a great American tradition, Kagan made sure not to answer a single question during the entire marathon, and now the Senate has voted to confirm her, and now she is your new John Paul Stevens. Lindsey Graham yelped and lept in the air in excitement when the final votes were tallied. “Ham biscuits!” he squealed, probably, but we aren’t completely sure because we wrote this post in May.

No, I’m pretty sure he yelled “Ham biscuits!”

The vote, by the way, was 63-37.