It’s the fault of the entire gay blogo-webs.  None of us ever report what he says.  That’s one of many things our friend David Pakman learned when he interviewed Peter LaBarbera today for his program “Midweek Politics with David Pakman.”  You can listen to the entire program here, or download the podcast for yourself.  The Peter Part starts 17 minutes in, if you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing (but you should, because David is A Good Thing).  Videos will be available tomorrow.

Forthwith, a few notes about what happened, with a few editorial comments:

1.  Peter has met FIFTY “former homosexuals” in his twenty-year anti-gay career!  This is interesting, because he usually says there are THOUSANDS of them.  Out of those fifty, how many have ended up back in gay?  Inquiring minds want to know.

2.  Peter says that there is more than one way into homosexuality, and also more than one way out. I tried to plug this into my GPS, but the computerized voice coughed out the word “bullshit.”

3.  It takes him four minutes to mention his favorite man-crush of a gay activist, Wayne Besen.

4.  Peter complains several times that David’s producer should have told Peter that the show he was going on today was pro-gay.  This is because Peter does not have access to Google, and couldn’t find out anything about the show for himself.

5.  Also, everybody censors Peter, and also so-called “ex-gays.”  Apparently in Peter’s world, “censorship” is reporting his words without refuting/making fun of all of them.  Impossible.  That’s part of the First Amendment too, babe.  I would point out that this blog gives a hell of a lot of airtime to so-called “ex-gays,” probably more than any other major blog out there.

6.  Peter denies several times that he covers/photographs leathersex conventions and street festivals, before admitting that yes, he covers/photographs leathersex conventions and street festivals.

7.  And then there’s Uganda.  Peter says he does not support anything that “could be construed as violence or hatred toward gays.”  You know what’s (correctly) construed as hatred toward gays?  Yes, that’s right, Pete’s website is an SPLC-certified hate site!  So, basically he issued a disclaimer against himself right there.  But strangely enough, Peter suggests that in Uganda, the laws should be written so that the penalties for, say, raping a child, are the same whether or not the perpetrator is gay or straight.  In other words, Peter is saying that gays and straights should be treated equally.  I don’t think he meant to say that, though.

8.  According to Peter, Fred Phelps is a wingnut.  It’s funny when one wingnut calls another wingnut a “wingnut.”  That is my only thought on that.

And there’s more!  Go listen to the whole thing, please.