Rich WylerIf you ever want to study the actions of a coward, look no further than Rich Wyler (pictured). He is the founder of People Can Change (PCC), which hosts Journey into Manhood (JIM) weekends. This is an individual who fancies himself as a macho, he-man,  and for roughly $700 he takes effeminate gay men into the woods to butch them up. He and his unqualified, touchy-feely  trainers do this by sometimes getting clients naked or having them give “non-erotic” massages in his seedy “cuddle room”. ( A more appropriate name for JIM would be “Journey to Your Manhood”)

Last week, Truth Wins Out broke the story of how JIM’s senior trainer, Alan Downing, was undressing clients and making them fondle their genitals in front of a mirror — in a convoluted effort to make them straight. When the scandal broke, Wyler almost immediately took Downing’s name off of the PCC website. Yet, there is no statement or apology from Wyler. (A better name for this lucrative scam would be, “People Can Charge”)

Why no statement?

Downing was no intern – he was the group’s SENIOR TRAINER. If the therapy did not work for Downing, who the hell does it work for? Of course, it doesn’t matter if it works, the product that PCC sells is false hope. All is well in the world as long as Wyler keeps forking in the dough by manipulating confused gay men who are traumatized by years of religious abuse.

If Wyler were a real man, he’d address this scandal head on. But, no, he’s a sniveling wimp. That is why he hid for years under the pseudonym Ben Newman. Old habits are hard to break. It seems Newman/Wyler is still hiding and refuses to let his former JIM campers know about the shocking sin that took place under his nose.

We will be watching to see if Wyler will publicly admit to this huge failing that undermined his “butch-up-the-gays” program.

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