He’s referring to it as “our boycott,” which has me worried that he’s teetering on the precipice between his usual insanity and all-out, strait-jacket required, mental illness.  Also, he is glad he is boycotting McDonalds, because it’s keeping him from getting fatter.  Also, he dares the gay community to “negate our boycott,” but warns that we will get fat if we do.

This is all over that French “Come as You Are” commercial, by the way.  He is very mad at McDonalds for promoting the “disease-producing lifestyle” of gayness to French teenagers.  Apparently no one ever taught Peter how to put on a damn condom.

To sum up:  Peter LaBarbera, not currently eating at McDonalds, mad about a French teevee commercial, wishes the gays would negate his boycott so he could be the skinny girl in school for the first time, like, ever.

Happy Sunday funday!