peter_labarberaKyle at Right Wing Watch posted the agenda for Porno Pete LaBarbera’s upcoming Truth Academy camp. The instructors are a fundamentalist freak show, with virtually every nutjob congregating under one wretched roof in Illinois.

Interestingly, one of the instructors is con artist Arthur Abba Goldberg of Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality (JONAH). The sinister Goldberg used to specialize in ripping off poor communities, such as East St. Louis and Guam, with complicated bond fraud schemes worthy of Bernie Madoff. He went to the hoosegow for his evil efforts.

Earlier this week, we saw what his “new alternative” to homosexuality actually was. It was just like the old homosexuality — except this time a Goldberg-recommended therapist strips you naked and then bills you for the abuse! Pretty nifty scheme if you ask me.

Anyway, for a man who talks about morality, why is Porno Pete allowing this convicted felon with a failed, abusive “ex-gay” outfit to take part?

Arthur-Goldberg-300x232I’m not surprised by Porno Pete’s kinship with Abba Goldberg. LaBarbera also is responsible for a string of disastrous forays into the “ex-gay” arena. He brought ex-gay activist Wade Richards to speak at the National Press Club in Washington — and then Richards came out of the closet within a year of LaBarbera’s press conference.

Porno Pete also embraced “ex-gay” poster boy John Paulk, who I photographed in a gay bar in Sept. 2000. Finally, Porno Pete embraced Michael Johnston, the HIV+ “ex-gay” activist. What happened with Johnston? See TWO’s revealing video below for the hideous answer.

Given his disgraceful record of failure with “ex-gays”, Porno Pete should be the last person to promote such nonsense. He’s seen firsthand how “pray away the gay” programs do not work. Yet, because he would rather profit from peoples’ pain, he continues pushing this obvious lie. His vulture-like values are quite sickening, because he cares nothing about the people he harms and continues to fib to the American people, his twisted followers, and probably even himself. (after all, what kind of straight man attends every gay S&M event year-after-year and collects stacks of gay porn for “research”?)

In any case, if one is into clowns and circus acts, step right up and enroll in Porno Pete camp – it promises to be The Greatest Freak Show on Earth.

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