Wow, that was quick.

People Can Change, the groups that runs manly, man retreats scrubbed its website of any traces of Alan Downing, its lead counselor of Journey into Manhood (JIM) weekends.This occurred after Truth Wins Out exposed Downing for practicing therapeutic lap dances, known as touch therapy and asking his much younger clients to strip nude in his office.

Why doesn’t Rich Wyler, who runs People Can Change, put out a statement apologizing to the people his organization hasn’t changed, and to those who have been harmed by people like Downing?

It is because he doesn’t give a damn about his clients and wants to protect his bogus business model.

Note to Mr. Wyler. We are going to shut you down. Better stash away your pretty pennies.  Your salacious and scandalous program is pure garbage and you are bilking innocent people out of their hard earned money. I’m glad you came out and are no longer masquerading as Ben Newman. Now we know who the culprit behind the fraud truly is.

Unfortunately, for Wyler, quack therapist Richard Cohen still has Downing’s bio up on his website. Take a look before Cohen erases it too.