Hotty toddy godalmighty, we haven’t visited Peter in a while, have we?

Let’s jump in the crazy pool:

The Homosexual Activist Movement, aided and abetted by liberal straights, currently is the greatest threat to religious freedom in the United States.

“Homosexual Activist Movement” is capitalized because Peter accidentally found out that we’ve replaced “LGBT” with “HAM.”  It’s easier, because people kept adding letters to LGBT, and you really can’t add letters to “ham.”

Already, we in the USA are seeing the same sort of persecution for opposing homosexuality as is occurring in Great Britain, only on a lesser scale.

Yes, we haven’t quite reached the level of anti-Christian mass murder and knife crime that’s currently being inflicted on the violent, lawless nation of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

It will only get worse if homosexuality- and transsexuality-based special “rights” are federalized under the proposed “Employment Non-Discrimination Act.”

Yes, that would be so terrible, because then fundamentalists who hate gay people would have to abide by the rules of everyone else who owns a business, and they couldn’t fire a gay person from the Country Kitchen, or whatever greasy malcontented businesses they own.

(A Note on “Islamophobia”: the effort to push for acceptance of Islam — insofar as it becomes official government policy — is also a threat to liberty; however, unlike in the U.K., state punishment of “Islamophobia” in the United States has not reached a fever pitch. But isn’t it interesting how activist Muslims, who utterly reject homosexuality as sinful and bemoan Western promotion of homosexuality, have nevertheless copied the manipulative “gay” tactic of accusing opponents of possessing an irrational “phobia”?)

It was awkward when the mullahs started signing up for classes at the gay and lesbian community center.  At first we just thought they were particularly unkempt Bears from a far off land, but when they started draping burkhas over the drag queens, we knew there was a problem.

Anyway, note the competing hatreds in Peter’s tiny mind:  The radical Islamists, who hold to an ideology that’s pretty much identical to his, nonetheless inspire an insane fear in him, just as gays do, so he mentally contorts himself into a position where the Islamists are just like gays, so there, nanny nanny boo boo.

Another key difference between the USA and Britain is that biblical Christianity is much more vibrant and common here, although of course its strength varies geographically. That is why homosexual activists are struggling to “re-interpret” the Word of God and turn it into a “gay”-affirming text.

Whatever.  That’s not my department.  Anyway, he’s talking about the UK so that he can bitch about Tony Blair, who is apparently one of his boogeymen:

Not only did Mr. Blair make Britain safe for same-sex immorality, as it were, but he helped establish a legal “anti-discrimination” system that led inexorably to Christians and moral-minded British citizens being investigated and even jailed for “anti-gay” discrimination. See this recent case of a Dale McAlpine, a British evangelist who was arrested for preaching against the sin of homosexuality (the charge against him was ultimately dropped).

And WHY was it dropped, asked I to the dingus?  Oh, this is why:

A spokeswoman said: “We keep cases under constant review and following a further review of all the evidence in this case we were no longer satisfied that there was sufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction and we have therefore discontinued the proceedings against Mr Mcalpine.”

Veteran gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell condemned the arrest and urged the home secretary to issue new guidelines to the police.

He said: “Although I disagree with Dale Mcalpine and support protests against his homophobic views, he should not have been arrested and charged. Criminalisation is a step too far.”

Oh my god, even Peter Tatchell agreed that it was over the line!  Perhaps Peter is soiling both ends of his Duckheads for no reason.  Has Peter LaBarbera ever even been to the United Kingdom?

Blair with his New Age-ish brand of (c)hristianity certainly has “led” on homosexual rights — but doesn’t that mean that he utterly failed to model godly, biblical leadership?

Well, since he was the prime minister of a nation, rather than a radical Christian theocracy…

It’s so funny watching people like Peter caterwaulering about persecution when all that’s being asked of them is to recognize that not everybody holds their illiterate backwoods beliefs, and not to impose them on the rest of halfway intelligent society.

Once again it’s that pesky homosexual issue — if we publicly agree with the God of the Bible on this issue, there is a price to pay in worldly fame — one apparently too great for many who still claim the mantle of moral leadership. Just ask Rick Warren, or Dr. Laura Schlessinger, or Tony Blair.

HARLOTS, all of them!  Especially that Rick Warren character!  Might as well braid his natty gray chest hair into an ‘A’ and dye it red!

(I am very sorry for using the phrase “natty gray chest hair” in reference to Rick Warren.  If you need to close this tab and cleanse your palate, I will understand.)

Anyway, that’s basically it.  To summarize the parts I left out:  Peter’s trying to start a jihad against Bill Hybels, the pastor of the Willow Creek Community Church, which is basically a big pit of Evangelicals, and they honored Tony Blair, and Tony Blair scares Peter because Tony Blair is a heterosexual man who isn’t deathly afraid of gay men.  I find inter-Christian squabbling to be tiresome, pathetic and ultimately, more boring than watching paint dry.

Until next time, then?