Pro-equality T-shirt vs NOMWe congratulate upstate New Yorkers today for their phenomenal demonstration of love and peace in contrast to the fear and prejudice of the National Organization for (Heterosexual Christian-Only) Marriage.

Approximately 70 supporters of marriage equality rallied at the government center adjacent to the state Capitol in Albany, and then held a silent vigil surrounding NOM’s declaration of political warfare against the state’s gay couples.

Instead of countering NOM’s fear and anger with more of the same, our side held rainbow umbrellas held aloft and wore shirts which boldly asked, “Do you see our love?”

Pro-equality demonstration, Albany, New York, July 2010Please thank — and support! — the following organizations for this creative and positive expression of affirmation for marriage equality:

Marriage Equality New York
In Our Own Voices
Capital District Gay & Lesbian Community Council
Albany Queer Rising
HomoRadio on WRPI 91.5fm
Empire State Pride Agenda
Freedom to Marry
Courage Campaign
Social Responsibilities Council of the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany
Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood
Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club (ERDC)
New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) Capital Region Chapter
Albany Law School Civil Liberties Union
Choices Counseling & Consulting/The Institute for Gender, Relationships, Identity & Sexuality
GAES Magazine: Gay Arts, Entertainment & Lifestyle
The Women’s Building
Christians Responding with Equality, Diversity and Openness (CREDO) of the Capital District
National Organization for Women (NOW) Albany Area Chapter
Capital District Area Labor Federation

Source: Courage Campaign

Addendum: NOM supporter exemplifies anger, fear and prejudice