Argentina has just passed the United States in terms of equal rights for its citizens, becoming the first Latin American nation to have full marriage equality.  They told their radical religious clerics (Catholic bishops) to take a hike, and they got it done for all their citizens.

“What an unelected, activist country!”, Maggie Gallagher might have just said as she pounded her paws on the table.

In order to express His displeasure with this decision, the Lord plans to fire an asteroid in the general direction of Argentina, but it will miss and land in the ocean somewhere, because His throwing arm just isn’t what it used to be.

Timothy Kincaid points out that Argentina is now the tenth nation in the world with full equality.  None hit by asteroids, you see:

2001 Netherlands
2003 Belgium
2005 Spain
2005 Canada
2006 South Africa
2008 Norway
2009 Sweden
2010 Portugal
2010 Iceland
2010 Argentina

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS, Argentina!

UPDATE: Joe’s post is more updated now, with links to news sources and whatnot, so go there.  Also, if you’re on Twitter, you would probably enjoy watching Joe gloat in NOM/Maggie Gallagher’s Twitter-face.