I think we can officially say the Catholic Church has become a moral joke:

According to published reports, the Vatican is soon to release new norms that govern matters of sexual abuse by clergy. (Ho hum—but wait, there’s more.) They are expected to include the ordination of women under the delicta graviora, the same category of grave sin that governs sexual abuse by priests. Cue the music of doom!

Music of doom, indeed.  Women doing religious teaching = priests raping kids.  But then again, if there are women in the priesthood, they might interfere with the special relationship so many Catholic priests have enjoyed with their personal, unwilling sex slaves over the years.  That’s just a bridge too far, ladies.

Mixing the two issues, even under the same legal umbrella, is a profoundly perverse proposition. Either these gentlemen are more ethically tone deaf than one can imagine, or they are sly beyond the dreams of foxes in an effort to redirect attention from the criminal behavior of clergy against children to their wrath over the ordination of women.

Look over there!  Misogyny!  Pay no attention to the altar boys kneeling before various parish priests and bishops!

Perhaps they reason that the women’s ordination cases will keep them so busy that the pedophilia crimes will go away. Maybe they think people will be so scandalized by women wanting to get on with the ministry of the church at a time when the institution is morally bankrupt that they will forget the cover-ups that necessitated this revision of law in the first place. Or, perhaps the foxes may really think that this effort to centralize power with even less accountability can take place quietly since so many people will be exercised over the mere suggestion of women priests.

Completely morally bankrupt.  You really should read the whole thing.