Also, the sky is blue, the Pope is Catholic, and Ke$ha is really bad.  Over at Science Duck, they ran the numbers and found some very unsurprising results:

Methods: the number of sex scandals for politicians (both state/local and national) for the past 10 years was tallied from the list of political scandals provided on Wikipedia. Each scandal was scored as to if it involved a Republican or Democrat, if it involved a gay or straight affair, and whether or not the victim/participant was underage.

Results: Republicans were involved in 61% of sex scandals in the past 10 years, whereas Democrats were involved in just 39%. Moreover, 34% of the total number of scandals were gay scandals (i.e, involving an ostensibly straight politician and a same-sex partner), with Republicans accounting for 78.5% of all gay scandals. Republicans were also involved in 66% of the underage scandals.

Conclusion: If a sex scandal is going on in Washington, there is a 2 in 3 chance it will involve a Republican. And If it’s a gay scandal, it’s almost a sure bet that it involves a Republican.

Goooo Family Values Party!

That 78.5% number is just hilarious.  The fact that they also beat the Democrats 2-to-1 in underage sex scandals just further confirms everything we know about the GOP.  Of course, the dead-enders will wave their be-cheetoed claws in the air and cry “Liberal bias!”, but they do that all the time anyway.

(h/t Joe Sudbay)