She was apparently grown in Joseph Farah’s backyard from a single stray hair from Molotov Mitchell‘s grit ‘stache!

She styles herself as a “comedienne,” but, as usual with wingnuts, without the laugh track there would be utter silence in the room.  Her contention is that “homosexuality is a mental disorder,” so let’s find out why “D.J.” thinks so.  Oh wait what?  Molotov Mitchell wrote it?  She’s just reading lines?  Okay, let’s find out why Molotov Mitchell thinks gayness is a mental disorder.  Again.

Uh huh, well okay, Deej, but maybe if you had a gay friend or two, somebody would have told you to abandon the grotesque dye job, because it makes her look like a tart, and maybe the other gay friend would have shown her how not to jerk around like a Wasilla meth-head on camera.  AND maybe if she had a lesbian friend, there might be somebody in her life to explain to her how Molotov Mitchell has many of the warning signs of an abuser.  But ewwww, gays are icky, says “D.J. Dolce.”

Anyway, welcome to WingNutDaily, D.J.  We will surely have a gay old time making fun of you on a regular basis.

One more tip, Deej:  Since you are not funny, may I suggest you study the character of Luann Lockhart from MADtv?  Because the thing with Luann is that she’s really, really not funny, and that, itself, is the joke! If you could work up an act which would convince the audience that you are only pretending to be an awful comedian, then actual humans might laugh at you.  (Might.)

To the other readers, if you’re not familiar, this is Luann Lockhart:

Much more Luann here.

(h/t Kyle)