This applies to almost everything we fight here:

Fundamentalist Islam is entirely incompatible with American values. Nothing could be clearer. But so is fundamentalist Christianity, or any fundamentalism, no matter the faith. This is the lesson we should’ve learned on 9/11 but somehow, we continue to apologize for homegrown extremism.


For a little context, that quote comes from ACG at the Submitted to a Candid World blog.  He mentioned Newt Gingrich’s outrage over a (quickly reversed) court decision which exonerated a Muslim man for marital rape, citing Shari’a law.  It was a mistake, obviously, but that will never stop an opportunistic, angry wingnut like Newtie from pouncing and scaring old, ignorant white people into thinking that the Mooselems are coming for them, and they’re bringin’ thar Shar-EYE-uh laws wit ’em!  But then, smartly, the writer compared that event to the matron of the Religious Right, Phyllis Schlafly, and her consistent, longstanding belief that marital rape simply does not exist.

I say it all the time.  The extremist Muslim worldview is not all that different from the fundamentalist Christian worldview.  The only reason the Christians don’t bomb things (yet) is that they’re moderated by modern society, which is largely absent in the places in the Islamic world where extremism flourishes.  Shari’a already exists in the United States.  The fundamentalist Christians just call it something different, like “Judeo-Christian valyews.”