Maybe Peter LaBarbera* can go try to convert the Stanley Cup into an ex-gay or dress it up like a leatherdaddy:

The adventurous Stanley Cup will make its first appearance in a gay-themed event this weekend.

The Chicago Gay Hockey Association invited the Blackhawks to join Sunday’s Gay Pride Parade — and the team said yes. So did the Chicago Cubs, who will have their own float for the first time.

Blackhawks defenseman Brent Sopel and his wife, Kelly, will accompany the Cup on a float. Sopel, traded to Atlanta this week, is a father of three and said he’s not trying to make a statement.

“But everybody is a person, and we all have feelings,” he said.

That’s pretty cool. See, wingnuts? That’s how actual straight men who are actually comfortable with their actual sexuality act.

Happy pride, everybody.

(h/t Roy Edroso, who also says “Happy Pride”)

*Oh, secret message to Chicago pride-goers: If you see Peter, make out with the nearest acceptable person of the same gender lovingly and enthusiastically, right in front of him. He likes that.