Let’s please not call it “faith” sharing when a Christian group is so insecure in its religion that it must stalk Muslims who are minding their own business at a Muslim community event. That’s not a sharing of confident faith, Christians; it’s infliction of a deep inferiority complex.

The Thomas More Law Center sued a Muslim event organizer in Dearborn, Michigan, last year after the event confined Christian leafletters to a table at the entrance to its sizable gathering. A table wasn’t enough for the Christian ministry, who hoped to disrupt the event with leafletters stationed throughout the gathering. (Can you imagine the reaction of a Christian Right event if Muslim leafletters stationed themselves throughout?)

The Thomas More Law Center is an avowed enemy of individual liberty and religious freedom for non-Christians. Like the Alliance Defense Fund and Liberty Counsel, TMLC is a Christian Right legal attack squad that sues religious and sexual minorities. It labels Muslim civilians “jihadists.”

Ed Brayton at Dispatches from the Culture Wars notes that TMLC has lost its case. Its client, a Christian ministry, was afforded the same rights as any other leafletters and given ample opportunity to be present without interfering with Muslims’ own freedom of religion and expression. Indeed, the Christians were allowed inside the event — just not with literature attacking their gracious hosts.