I was talking to Wayne the other day, and we agreed that your Truth Wins Out should start adding some “fun” posts in with all of the very serious things we write about here. So, being the musician and music junkie that I am, I figured I would start a weekly late Friday feature where I fire up my iTunes machine and hit “shuffle” and post whatever ten songs come up first, with videos and whatnot.* And you can do it too, if you want, in the comments, so we can all find out what you listen to! Exciting, right?! Or you can just use it as an open thread and talk amongst yourselves. Whatev.

This week we’re basing the shuffle off of Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen,” because a great friend to my hometown gay community left us far too early this week, and this was a song he loved. More videos after the jump:

1. Acrylics – “Lil Ivy”
2. CANT – “Ghosts”
3. Stereophonics – “I Stopped To Fill My Car Up”
4. Killers – “On Top”
5. Active Child – “She Was A Vision”
6. Velvet Davenport – “Bonnie Brooks”
7. Martha Wainwright – “The Maker”
8. Primary 1 – “Ploy”
9. Tori Amos – “Zero Point”
10. Imogen Heap – “Aha!”

*Lest you think I’m being creative or something, two of my other favorite blogs do this too, but they do it at different times, so whatever.