KennyApparently, Ken Mehlman is my new neighbor. For those who don’t remember, he was the Bush administration’s campaign stooge who resigned as chairman of the Republican National Committee not long after he was accused of being a two-faced closet case.

Mehlman presided over a nasty presidential campaign where marriage equality was written out of the constitutions of several states and divisively used as a wedge issue to help propel Bush to a second disastrous term.

Now that Mehlman has profiteered from the pain of LGBT people and attacks on liberalism, he has conveniently moved to our little gay/liberal enclave to take advantage of the gains made by the very people bashed by his beloved Republican Party. (To his credit, he did try to make the GOP more racially and ethnically diverse, so he wins points on that front)

Mehlman just paid $3.775 million for a 2,200-square-foot 2BR/3BA loft the Chelsea Mercantile, where neighbors include Marc Jacobs and Lance Bass. He should love it! I hear the place has the most fabulous walk-in closets. However, the GOP spin doctor paid $100k above the asking price. So much for fiscal conservatism!

In any case, we don’t want to be be accused of intolerance. So, now that I have given him shit — in the most loving, neighborly way possible — I will officially welcome Kenny to the hood. Plus, in Chelsea we like to pride ourselves on diversity — and having an admitted, practicing Republican operative is true to our values of inclusion.