Robert Knight is losing his damn mind (moreso than usual) over the fact that Washington’s elite Republicans are slowly but surely stepping off the train of anti-gay bigotry and into the reality of the civilized world:

Sexual morality is over. That’s the conclusion of one of the smartest men in Washington, the estimable columnist George Will. On ABC’s “This Week” on May 30, Mr. Will agreed with colleague Matthew Dowd that apart from a few glitches, homosexuality will soon be a nonissue in the military.

First of all, George Will did not say that “sexual morality is over,” I do not think? It’s one thing to quote the man, but to filter it through the English-to-Wingnut dictionary is another thing entirely.

Mr. Will: “For people of Matt [Dowd]’s son’s generation, being gay is like being left-handed. … The Supreme Court has a famous phrase it used in some opinion, the evolving standards of decency that mark a maturing society. Clearly these are evolving, and the case is over, basically.”

This plunge into moral relativism could mean that Sodom and Gomorrah had evolved into a more “maturing society” than, say, Jerusalem under King David. Or America under Abraham Lincoln.

Or maybe Robert Knight doesn’t actually know much about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah? Oh, and yes, I think we’ve matured beyond the America Abraham Lincoln inherited. Maybe Robert Knight disagrees.

Not to be outdone, ABC correspondent Jake Tapper chimed in: “The case is over. But why is there such a fight by Republican officeholders? If you look at polling … the public is overwhelmingly supportive of lifting the ban. Conservatives support it. Republicans support it. White evangelicals support it. What’s going on with the Republicans in Congress?”

This is based on loaded polls by liberal media. But let’s go back to George Will, who gives the answer: “They’re not being very intelligent.”

“Loaded polls,” translated back into English from the Wingnut means simply “all polls which do not reflect Robert Knight’s bigotry, by which we mean all polls.”

Ah, that’s it. Those of us who believe that God created male and female and that sex outside marriage – adultery, fornication and homosexuality – is wrong and harmful, are just not being intelligent.

Haha, George Will called Robert Knight stupid.

And what about the Creator of the Universe? It is God’s moral code that has undergirded Western society for more than 3,500 years.

For the millions of years before that, people didn’t know you were supposed to stone rape victims to death. Thanks, God!

God’s intelligent design – marriage – is the glue that holds it together. Even Chinese philosopher Confucius called marriage “the foundation of civilization.” What a moron.

George Will called Robert Knight stupid, and then Robert Knight called Confucius a moron. Name-calling!

I’m almost done making fun of this piece, because it mostly devolves into a whine about how all the studies which have shown homosexuality to be completely normal and natural have been summarily debunked by wingnut pastors with beakers and lab coats, but this one part is just hilarious, as Knight writes the names of all the Republicans who have betrayed him by being smarter, more cultured, more educated, and slightly more secure with their own naked bodies on his chalkboard of sins:

Charles Krauthammer, who has written some of the best critiques of Obamacare and the rest of the left’s assault on America, is also aboard the gay express. He’s smarter than God. So, too, are Chicago Tribune columnist Steve Chapman, Weekly Standard columnist Stephen Hayes, Fox News analyst Margaret Hoover and American Spectator columnist Phillip Klein, all of whom have called for repealing the military ban. Mr. Klein called it a “no-brainer.” No arguing with that.

Yep, no arguing with that. Oh, but Robert Knight’s Go-Go-Gadget-Love-of-Christ will avenge the Beltway Republicans’ betrayal one day, you just watch:

Perhaps the answer lies in the Book that they now find quaint: “Professing to be wise, they became fools … who exchanged the truth of God for a lie.” (Romans 1:22, 25)

Someday, the smartest folks in America will wonder how they could have been so foolish.