EveTThe New York Times wrote a piece on Saturday about Eve Tushnet under the headline, “A Gay Catholic Voice Against Same-Sex Marriage.”

Tushnet grew up in a liberal home and was an out lesbian as a teenager. However, she attended a conservative meeting at Yale and then became a Catholic. Bizarrely, she now identifies as an out and proud lesbian who abstains from gay sex and is anti-gay.

It turns out Ms. Tushnet also enjoys all the trappings of gay life, while striking a conservative pose.

Get this. She dresses in trendy clothes, like a Park Slope lesbian. She lives in Washington’s uber-gay DuPont Circle…and she listens to gay synth pop.

“I really think the most important thing is, I really like being gay and I really like being Catholic,” she says. “If nobody ever calls me self-hating again, it will be too soon.

“Nothing is quite as great as getting up in the morning, listening to the Pet Shop Boys and going to church.”

Actually, Eve is self-hating. Imagine a black person choosing to live in Harlem during the civil rights era, dressing in distinctly African-American styles — yet adamantly and outspokenly opposing civil rights — and defending the indefensible by proclaiming, “But, I listen to the Jackson 5.”

Eve’s tired schtick is breathtakingly condescending and transparently patronizing. If she wants to be an anti-gay bigot, she should drop the pretentious poseur performance and refashion herself as Anita Bryant. At lease Bryant was honest in her presentation and did not work so hard to appear trendy and, “like, totally rad dude.”

I don’t really care that Tushnet has elected to remain celibate. If she has chosen to embrace a unimpressive, petty, and puny version of God who is a scold on “hole patrol” — well that is her business. Her loneliness and sexual repression is her choice and I respect it.

However, her blog reinforces the negative message that there is something wrong with gay intimacy. Her solution is that millions of healthy LGBT people adopt her obviously unhealthy sexual hang-ups and religious neuroses. This is a particularly egregious message when young LGBT teens are still committing suicide because they are told that there is something wrong with them. Ms. Tushnet’s work feeds into this bigotry and provides the rationalization and justification for harming people who have done nothing to hurt her.

Given the several century sodomy spree by Catholic priests with underage boys, the reshuffling of these reprobates like a deck of cards at Caesar’s Palace and the Vatican excusing those holding the church accountable as purveyors of “gossip” — the last thing we want or need is some self-righteous, sexually dysfunctional Catholic lesbian doling out advice on sex.

When I hear someone from this church opine on sexual morality, I automatically press the mute button and tune them out. After the raping of an untold number of youth, The Roman Catholic Church has lost its way and surrendered its moral authority to lecture gay people — or anyone — about sex. Particularly, when our relationships are healthy, productive, happy and between consenting adults.

Eve Tushnet would not be so angry and bitter if she — to quote her beloved Pet Shop Boys — ended her ridiculous routine found a nice West End Girl.