I saw an interesting press release today headlined, “Exodus Returns to its birthplace for 35th anniversary conference”.

The first gathering took place in nearby Anaheim, CA in September 1976. Amidst controversy, 63 formerly gay-identified men and women gathered together for encouragement and support and ended up birthing a movement. 35 years later controversy remains, as does the original passion, vision and purpose.

As usual, Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International, conveniently left out a few key details. For example, the original Anaheim conference he refers to was organized by Michael Bussee, who was assisted by Gary Cooper. These two men were the original spokespeople of Exodus. They left their wives and held a commitment ceremony. Today, Bussee is advocate warning people about the harm of Exodus. He will be speaking at a counter-conference on June 19th.
Why did Chambers leave out this crucial detail? Perhaps, it is the same reason Love in Action calls Frank Worthen its sole founder, when it was also started by John Evans, who now renounces the program, and Kent Philpott, an adulterer.
Exodus is a slippery organization that consistently and persistently engages in gross historical revisionism. With a failed and embarrassing past like they have, who can blame Exodus for a few white lies? I guess it is small potatoes compared to the overarching Big Lie that they can help people “pray away the gay”.
In their press release Exodus makes the misleading and unsubstantiated claim:
“Thousands of individuals, including myself, continue to boldly proclaim the freedom we have found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.”
That’s funny, because if there are so many “ex-gays” why do we see the same recycled handful who profit from the “ex-gay” circuit? Where are these thousands? Are they in Wonder Woman’s invisible airplane? Maybe we would have a better idea on the true numbers if Exodus did not arrogantly and steadfastly refuse to keep statistics on its dismal failure rate.
It is also amusing how Chambers and others of his ilk portray themselves as victims, instead of the avaricious predators they truly are:
While Exodus exists in an increasingly hostile environment, they remain committed to providing a biblical perspective for those who feel conflicted by their same-sex attractions and their faith as well as offering understanding, encouragement, counseling and support to friends and family members impacted by homosexuality.
What do they mean “impacted by homosexuality? Is Alan Chambers trying to tell us he is secretly fondling people? Is Randy Thomas surreptitiously sodomizing them? I mean, how else are normal heterosexuals actually “impacted” by LGBT people living their lives openly, with the integrity, dignity and honesty absent from the realities of Chambers and Thomas?
Let’s call it like it is.
Exodus is run by a handful of delusional, self-loathing homosexuals who are committing consumer fraud, persecuting innocent LGBT people, exploiting their families, taking their hard-earned money and delivering squat. They are bastardizing the Bible, revising history, misrepresenting science, fudging their numbers and sanitizing their seedy track record. Instead of celebrating, they should be mourning in shame.
The problem is, Chambers and Thomas are shameless.
Please join us at a counter conference:
Orange County’ response to the Exodus International
Ex-Gay Conference
June 19th, 2010—9am to 5pm
Irvine United Congregational Church (IUCC)
4915 Alton Pkwy
Irvine, CA 92604