Remember how Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association went on the radio the other day and told the story of Phinehas, who found favor with God (quote unquote) by murdering two people he found engaging in some sort of sexual intercourse that was not Phinehas-approved, and then encouraged his listeners so that each one of them could “be a Phinehas” in our modern world?

Well, surprise, it’s the Bryan Fischer game, where he says something awful, honest people report exactly what he said and their implications, and then he claims we’re “smearing him.” No, no, no, he says, I didn’t mean to kill people! I just meant be like Phinehas, who found favor with God by impaling people, but don’t really impale them, just be like Phinehas, who again, impaled people, blargh blargh blargh.

Kyle has covered Fischer’s latest jack-assery in full, so I have nothing to add.