(Reprobate Republicans Mark Sanford, Will Folks and Nikki Haley pose for picture. Or was it really a 3-way?)

The New York Times reports today that State Representative Nikki Haley, who is running for governor, was accused of an “inappropriate physical relationship” with a conservative blogger and political consultant.

The adultery charges were made by the blogger Will Folks merely two weeks before the Republican primary. Haley had become the front-runner after she was enthusiastically endorsed by Sarah Palin. The latest revelations come on the heels of former governor Mark Sanford’s affair with a voluptuous South American mistress. He famously said when confronted with the charges that he was walking the Appalachian Trail.

The South Carolina GOP is supposedly the party of family values in a super conservative state. Once again, it shows that social conservatives are nothing but shameless, pathetic hypocrites who can’t practice what they preach.

They unconscionably built a political empire by pretending to be morally superior to everyone else and that they had the right to snoop and scold others. Now the awful truth reveals that their behavior, values and ethics are actually far inferior to those whom they had berated.

Isn’t it time that Republican politicians get back to focusing on real issues and get out of our bedrooms? How many affairs will it take until conservative Republicans end the despicable family values charade?

Finally, if someone says they are a Republican from South Carolina – hide your spouse.