Since Exodus International continues to deny prior knowledge of Scott Lively’s Holocaust revisionism and his plans for antigay genocide in Uganda, we pause for a moment to take a quick look back. Over the past four years, Exodus and NARTH have been reminded several times of their ties to Lively — and both organizations responded by deleting the evidence of their ties from their respective web sites.

October 11, 2006, Truth Wins Out:

Wayne Besen noted in passing: “Another major NARTH contributor is Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively, co-author of The Pink Swastika, a book that partially blamed gay people for the Holocaust.” NARTH subsequently deleted the linked page.

October 16, 2007, Ex-Gay Watch:

XGW devoted an entire article to the ongoing connections between Scott Lively and NARTH, the American Family Association, and JONAH (the Christian Right’s front group for Jewish “ex-gays”). After the article was written, NARTH and the AFA deleted the pages on their respective web sites which documented their ties to Lively. XGW had previously, in August of that year, published an article tying JONAH to another notorious Holocaust revisionist, Paul Cameron — and in February, XGW demonstrated that JONAH’s purpose is not to support largely non-existent Jewish ex-gays, but to convert Jews to politically conservative evangelical Christianity.

May 27, 2008, Truth Wins Out:

A commenter asked:

Why is Exodus International linking to Scott Lively?

Exodus deleted that article from its web site shortly thereafter.

This brief list is not comprehensive.

For the past half-decade, TWO, Ex-Gay Watch, and Box Turtle Bulletin have written numerous articles about Scott Lively — as have our friends at Right Wing Watch and the Southern Poverty Law Center. We know from blog comments and site logs that Exodus staffers monitor these sites. We know that they deleted incriminating articles after we spotlighted them.

And we observe that, even after the past year in which Lively has publicly used his endorsements from Exodus, NARTH, and AFA to fuel his campaign for African genocide, Exodus International still has expressed neither regret nor retraction of its endorsements.