Exodus International lashed back today at meager efforts by professional therapists to confine the rampant youth abuse and anti-parent scapegoating that occur among Exodus’ network of antigay counselors.

While allegations of sexual abuse continue to hover over George Rekers and Exodus’ longtime Michigan ex-gay counselor Mike Jones, spokesman Randy Thomas seeks to change the topic with a fresh attack upon religious freedom and mental health. Of course, Thomas claims to defend both, even as he’s undermining them in his revealing blog post.

Among Thomas’ revelations: Of Exodus’ 240 individual and church chapters, just 40 have any professional qualifications for counseling. By Thomas’ own admission, these antigay therapists have been lobbying the California Association of Marriage and Family TherapistsÔªø to ignore patient welfare, medical ethics, and solid mental-health research in favor of “traditional views on marriage and sexuality.”

Quoting LifeSiteNews, Thomas expresses faux outrage at the “bullying” tactics of just two small groups of professional therapists whom he and LSN falsely characterize as “the gay-rights community” and “lobbyists.” While a letter from CAMFT stood up to these tactics, the same letter expressed support for marriage equality and other social-justice efforts.

Having made a sweeping mischaracterization of mainstream therapists, Thomas then tries to portray Exodus as a heroic alternative. Yet — typical of Thomas — he undermines his own case through a series of transparent falsehoods.

  • He admits that Exodus’ main goal is to mobilize supposed Christian churches who feel victimized (“impacted”) by the reality of sexual orientation. Thomas characterizes this victimology as “Mobilizing the body of Christ to minister grace and truth to a world impacted by homosexuality.”Ôªø
  • Thomas falsely contends that Exodus supports friends and family members; in fact, Exodus blames parents and relatives for the formation of sexual orientation, and turns family members against one another.
  • Thomas also falsely contends that the “primary goal is completely faith based.” Exodus’ ideology is rooted in fear, loathing, and sadism — not faith, and certainly not the Bible, which offers no support whatsoever for Exodus’ Freudian myths about sexual orientation. Thomas obviously seeks to exempt Exodus’ abuse of families and its outdated psychoanalytic myths from accountability by cloaking them under a veil of religious freedom.
  • Thomas falsely claims, “We are seeking freedom in Christ, Jesus Himself.” Not true. Exodus offers heterosexuals “freedom” from homosexuals — by promoting ostracism and incarceration of LGBT people (religious people and atheists alike) and stigmatization of their parents. Through opposition to anti-bullying policies, antidiscrimination laws, laws against violent hate crimes, and equal participation of LGBT people in church and society, Exodus also seeks to separate LGBT people and their families from belief in any god — NOT to bring them “freedom in Christ.”
  • Thomas falsely contends that Exodus supports a person’s right to question homosexuality. That’s not true, either: Exodus polices ex-gays’ thoughts and speech, and ostracizes those who publicly question whether orientation can be changed.

Having tied Exodus to the myths of reparative therapy through his own life testimony, Exodus’ conference speakers, and most of Exodus’ approved books, Thomas disgenuously distances Exodus from its core philosophy of self-pity, which maintains that orientation is determined by bad parenting or abusive relatives.

Thomas admits that some people who seek supposed “Christian” therapy don’t have an initial goal of “sexual reorientation” — but Thomas neglects to admit that these counselees are given little choice by Exodus’ counselors but to accept the myth of reorientation — or the equally crippling myth that anyone is capable of lifelong celibacy with no negative mental-health ramifications.

Having failed to portray Exodus in a sufficiently positive light, Thomas returns to Exodus’ self-pity schtick. He expresses unfounded concern that “Christian therapists” are being “bullied” — but expresses no concern whatsoever about the efforts of Exodus and NARTH to bully therapists and patients into denying a right to reject Exodus’ fundamentalist antigay myths about sexual orientation.

Thomas closes his self-indulgent essay with an emphatic pout: “The reality of our existence is already being ignored by most of the professional counseling groups.”

Thomas and Exodus aren’t “ignored” — they are rightly condemned, and their cynical, irreligious attempts to destroy life and mental health should be forcibly shut down.

Exodus opposes the religious freedom of everyone who rejects its un-Biblical and unhealthy myths. Exodus relentlesslyÔªø commits acts of research fraud against the mental-health community. And Exodus repeatedly commits acts of sexual abuse against counselees with impunity.

Religious freedom (and especially freedom from fundamentalism) is critical to freedom of speech and thought in the United States. Exodus, however, wants us to believe that fundamentalists cannot be free unless they are allowed to abuse, molest, demoralize, and suppress everyone else.

No amount of pious Godtalk from Thomas can disguise his selfish and sadistic motives and actions.