He’s even gotten one of his readers to cancel his policy! The reader wrote a letter to Progressive in which he admitted that his homophobia was programmed into him, rather than a result of any sort of rational thought:

The GLBT movement seeks to pursue a public campaign, whose primary goal is to re-define what I am naturally programmed to believe.

Too funny.

Anyway, so if you need car insurance, and you’re one of the ever-increasing masses of people who support LGBT equality, then give Progressive a call, I guess? Browsing the HRC Corporate Equality Index, I notice, though, that the average HRC rating for the entire insurance industry is a solid 88 out of 100, which makes Peter’s jihad even dumber.

If he had any integrity, he’d be encouraging his readers to go without insurance of any kind. Progressive scores a perfect 100, but so do these companies under the “insurance” heading:

AAA Northern California, Nevada, and Utah

Allianz Life Insurance Co. of North America

The Allstate Corp. (Haha, you’d think with his undying love for Bam Bam, he would be issuing fatwas against Allstate. Maybe this is just a childish overreaction to a billing dispute Peter’s having with Progressive or something.)

Chubb Corp.

CNA Insurance

Esurance, Inc.

The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.

ING North America Insurance Corp.

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance



New York Life Insurance Co.

Pacific Life Insurance Co.

Prudential Financial Inc.

Sun-Life Financial, Inc.

Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association – College Retirement Equities Fund

So…yeah. State Farm and Mutual of Omaha score 80’s, so there’s room for improvement. The lowest score on the list of insurance companies is AEGON USA, which fully supports 40% of the Great Big Keeps-Peter’s-Bed-Wet-At-Night-Homosexical-Agenda.

Also, according to the HRC website, GEICO offers domestic partner benefits, so no gecko for the gay-hating wingnuts.

Again, AFTAH reader[s]: if you have an ounce of integrity, you’ll stop using most services, because most real companies are doing all they can to be inclusive, not out of any special love for the LGBT community, but because it’s good business. They really don’t care if three dingbats write them butt-hurt letters from their AOL accounts.

Oh wait, excuse me, Peter’s reader says their numbers are stronger than that:

Progressive Insurance: It may appear that I am merely one man … but my message resonates within the hearts and minds of millions, upon millions, of Americans who firmly believe what I believe. For every ONE GLBT member that you support, there are FOUR HUNDRED more of us, standing together, in opposition.

FOUR HUNDRED more? If there are 400 homophobes for every LGBT American citizen, that adds up to somewhere between five and twelve billion homophobic Americans, but then again, he might be using some kind of jacked up Creation Math, so we probably shouldn’t analyze it too hard.

Maybe they’re counting their multiple personalities.