Writer Brandon Kirby wrote an excellent story on Mike Jones, the disgraced counselor at Corduroy Stone ministries in Lansing, Michigan. Kirby went undercover and finally revealed that he was writing a story:

In my last session with Jones, I revealed my intentions to write a story about his operation. He agreed to an interview then, but later refused to talk to me. From my own experiences and from talking to professionals ‚Äî both psychotherapists and ex-gay counselors ‚Äî and ex-patients of Jones’, it is apparent that he is just a guy in a warehouse, unlicensed as a counselor, and unprofessional in his manner.

In the sessions, Jones admits he has not changed and is merely a re-closeted homosexual who charges $250 per month to help people suppress their natural feelings.

“I did a careful investigation theologically and a careful investigation relationally between myself and Jesus, and I made the decision that to not pursue same-sex relationships is what honored my understanding of who Jesus is,” Jones said. “But to lie about the same-sex attraction that I have would also be dishonoring my relationship with Jesus. I’m very comfortable with the tension I still feel of unfulfilled sexual energy because I don’t hide that from anyone. And in that, other than intimate sexual expression, I have relationships that are closer than probably some marriages.”

In a Truth Wins Out video, Patrick McAlvey revealed that Jones engaged in “touch therapy” during sessions, which is little more than a therapeutic lap dance. It turns out that McAlvey was not alone. Aaron Miller was an MSU student when he saw Jones from 2000 to 2002.

“The things I remember were the holding therapy,” Miller, 28, of Minneapolis, said. “I remember that. I also remember rating myself and the other people in the group in terms of appearance. There were six or seven people in the group, and he made us line up and rank each other from most attractive to least attractive. I found it strange at the time, but that was a few months after I started talking to (Jones). I was used to things being strange, so it didn’t seem any stranger than the other things.”

One summer, Jones asked the men of the group (there was only one woman) to build a deck for his friend, Miller said. Jones said it would be an opportunity to teach them to act like men and do man-like things.

“When I look back on it, I’m a little embar rassed that I put myself through that all because I was afraid of being gay,” Miller said. “I’m ashamed I did that to myself. I’m not exactly sure why I did it other than I thought it was right and I was afraid. It did have a benefit of sorts in an ironic way; it helped me come out of the closet.”

I recommend reading the entire story. The “ex-gay” industry just gets more discredited every day. They are losing every battle and a scandal or two away from losing the entire war.

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