This morning I find myself looking at some encouraging news on same-sex marriage in my home state of Maryland. First, there is this Washington Post headline…

Poll finds gains for same-sex marriage in Maryland

Nice, thinks I…although I know from past experience not to put too much faith into polls when the question is about gay rights. So many times these polls turn out to be a tad too optimistic, because some folks will lie about their prejudices to pollsters. But there does seem to be progress changing hearts and minds on same-sex marriage in Maryland…all the other headlines scrolling across my screen are sounding the same note.

All but one. Can you spot which headline is not like the others?

Poll finds gains for same-sex marriage in Maryland – The Washington Post

More Marylanders Supportive Of Gay Marriage – NBC Washington

Md. voters narrowly favor same-sex marriage in new poll – The Baltimore Sun

Maryland voters support gay marriage – Pink News (UK)

Poll: Maryland divided on gay marriage – UPI

Whoops! We is not supportive, we is divided. Which is true as far as it goes, but perhaps a bit evasive.

Perhaps this will help clarify things…

UPI purchased by the Unification Church

UPI was purchased in 2000 by Sun Myung Moon’s global media conglomerate News World Communications, becoming an addition to the Unification Church media portfolio. At the time Moon said:

We even have to utilize the media for the sake of church development. The church is the mind and the media is the body, to reach the external world. We should begin that movement and activity in the United States, because the Washington Times and UPI are headquartered there. Once we establish our organization in the United States, it can be expanded to the world without much alteration.

News should come packaged with nutritional labeling the same way food does. How many calories? How much fat? Which artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives? Is this cheese or is it cheese colored cheese flavored cheese textured food product?