And folks, that’s an accomplishment. I mean, he is really wigging out.

In his intellectually dishonest way, Bryan Fischer actually does cut to the heart of my concerns about having a gay on the bench:

My main argument against adding a homosexual to the bench is simply this. That individual would have already made up his (generic use) mind on one of the central public policy issues of they day, whether homosexuals deserve special rights or just the equal rights the rest of us have.

He’s right. Because if we’re going to have a gay Supreme Court justice, I want it to be a gay who squarely supports the special rights nearest and dearest to my heart, like gay-only parking spaces in all parking lots (at the front), even at Southern Baptist churches, and the ability to show a pink triangle pass which would let us cut in line at the DMV and anywhere food is being served.

Of course, the actual, principled opposition to Kagan is coming from Glenn Greenwald, etc., so if you’re so inclined, read this and this.