Earlier today, we posted that NARTH’s Joseph Nicolosi – who is the leader of the rent-a-quack industry – is ducking the George Reker’s scandal (Rekers is on NARTH’s board) by going to Italy. While there, Nicolosi will spread lies about the LGBT community. Here is a translation of the Italian website that is promoting his trip. (I’m sure he’ll have lot’s of luggage to lift so far away from home).

Read the disgusting lies for yourself:

If you are facing this reality, if you feel a profound emptiness in your soul that you are unable to fill, if you have feelings that do not belong to you, if you feel in conflict with your morality and everything within you provokes sadness, internal struggles, disorder, difficulty with relationships and lack of self-esteem, do not be afraid because you are not the only one to feel this.

We know how you feel; we have been there too. We did not choose to have such devastating feelings but we have found them there like a heavy boulder without understanding why, left totally unarmed. To discover how we may confront at the root the causes of the conflict, which is not truly about sex, but rather about identity. Desire for male sex is an unwitting attempt to heal, at least for us, a deep wound called defensive detachment. This detachment can be caused by a trauma in the first years of life, or by unmet needs of affection, approval, of being accepted, and a lack of validation in childhood and youth. This is but a taste of the reparative therapy of Josef Nicolosi, found in “Male homosexuality, and New Approach” the Sugarco edition. The truth is that one is not homosexual, but a latent heterosexual.

To reveal our true male identity is possible: We were able to, and are here to give you a hand! Decide to renounce compulsive sex that has become a dependency, the love of a father, affirmation perhaps. Or perhaps that of a mentor or guide or an accountability group, it is this that we are missing or were not good enough to have. Security and self-determination are missing because of the internal wounds we sustained during the age of innocence or our need to be “one of the boys”. One of them, like them! Without relational idolatry.

There exists a vital difference between superficial admiration-for yourself or for others- and integral admiration. When we fully love ourselves, we stop being slaves of luxurious desires, approval from others, and of physical satisfaction. Our sexual impulses become intrinsic to our essence, free of neurotic confusions. Homosexuality allows us to avoid excavating the depths, beyond superficiality and the attractions inspired by lust-and will continue to be this way until receiving “approval” from the law. The result is that many will lose the opportunity to know their real selves, the one made in the image of Christ, given by god.