Here are the press statements from Exodus International and PFOX on the “Rent Boy Rekers” scandal:

Well, there it is. What, you saw nothing? That’s because they wrote nothing.

Maybe they are sleeping in with their own rent boys? Or, maybe they are shaken, that yet again, another “ex-gay” activist has failed. After all, they “fall” like snowflakes in a blizzard. Exodus’ Alan Chambers, Randy Thomas and PFOX’s Greg Quinlan know deep down that they peddle propaganda. They are all just as gay as the day they entered their first “ex-gay” brainwashing facility. It is time they are honest with themselves – before they end up in a tawdry scandal of their own making.

Update: In the comments section of Exodus’ vanity blog, Randy Thomas writes the following:

I can’t speak for Rekers. Don’t know why he did what he did … or didn’t … or what. Still trying to figure it all out. All I know is that I actually never turned to Rekers or “reparative therapy” to help me overcome homosexuality. I have seen thousands and thousands of folks helped to live life beyond gay ideology and homosexual behavior. Reparative therapy is interesting, much of it has been helpful information for many people but there isn’t a single counselor in our network (that I know of) who would call themselves a “reparative therapist” aside from Dr. Nicolosi himself. I have even been told by many within NARTH that the “reparative therapy” model isn’t the only thing they are interested in studying or the only approach worth investigating.

We are a Christian ministry, NARTH is not. We appreciate most of the work NARTH is doing but we don’t look to them for our “freedom.” We look to Christ, and Christ alone, for our freedom. It might sound foreign to you (might not) but it is in relationship with Him that I have been on this post-gay journey, and found contentment regardless of circumstance, for almost 18 years now.

I’ve never met Rekers. I don’t deny his role or the negative impact this scandal has on the overall conservative movement but in all honesty … his bad decisions don’t affect the truth of my reality, experience and life goals one bit. Rekers is only one of many brilliant people seeking to find answers regarding homosexual identity/development/behavior. He appears to have failed morally, that doesn’t discount truth or the complexity of a movement that is much much much larger than one person. Its the sign of at least bias or at the most bigotry … to discount my life, or anyone’ life and disparage a whole group of people because of someone else’ failings.

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