jo-vanni romanI agree with everything Dan is saying here, so strongly, that I’m just going to excerpt it liberally:

Joe Jervis got an interview with Jo-Vani Roman, the male escort that George Rekers hired to handle his baggage on his European vacation, and it’s clear that Roman‚Äîwho can do a real service to the gay rights movement by telling the truth about what happened in Europe and bring down a malicious, malignant, and possibly/predictably self-hating, anti-gay gay bigot in the process‚Äîis in way over his head. Rekers made Roman sign a confidentiality agreement and he’s threatening to lawyer up and sue anyone and everyone he can to restore his “good” name. (Sorry, George, but it’s way too late for that.) Roman needs a lawyer and he needs one now. Writes Andy at Towleroad:

I hope someone in South Florida is stepping up to give Lucien some good advice and offering him some support. The young man really sounds in need of guidance, though I do commend him for speaking out for what he believes and exposing this dangerous, anti-gay hypocrite.

Let’s hope that someone steps up? No, let’s demand that one [of] the big gay orgs‚ÄîHRC, Lambda Legal, NCLR‚Äîsteps up and provides Roman with the lawyer and the advisors he clearly needs at this stage. Let’s not treat this kid, who is just 20, like he’s done something wrong, or like he’s an embarrassment to the gay rights movement because‚Äîgasp‚Äîhe was doing sex work, as has been reported, to pay his college tuition. This kind of hypocrisy‚ÄîHaggard’s kind, Craig’s kind, Rekers’ kind‚Äîneeds to be exposed. And it’s likelier to be exposed if the people who bring it to light aren’t treated like pariahs and are instead offered real and tangible support.


Dan points out that Joe Jervis is already rallying support for “Lucien.” This kid didn’t jump up and down and make a scene trying to make this about him. It was only after he realized what a malignant creep his erstwhile client George Rekers is that he started talking.