Creepy cover of George Alan Reker book on how to brainwash your childIn what Prof. George Alan Rekers thought was a private phone call early yesterday with his gay escort, the godfather of the ex-gay movement admitted most of his critics’ accusations — and offered evidence for new accusations.

In brief, Rekers told escort Lucien:

1. Don’t talk to the press!

2. Did I use Rentboy? No comment.

3. Yeah, about those massages….

4. Stop the harm to me, never mind about harm I’m doing to the gays.

5. @!#&% “activists with an axe to grind”

6. “I’ve been through things like this in the past…”

This summary doesn’t do justice to the deliberate deceit and impenitence that are apparent in the actual words spoken during the call:

Things Rekers Said To Lucien When He Didn’t Think We Were Listening