In this just-released memo, Tony Perkins pulls the “George, we hardly knew ye” card:

In the past 24 hours FRC has received calls regarding Dr. George Rekers and his connection with the Family Research Council. After reviewing the historical records we did verify that Dr. Rekers was a member of the original Family Research Council board prior to its merger with Focus on the Family in 1987.

Reports have been circulating regarding Dr. Rekers relationship with a male prostitute. FRC has had no contact with Dr. Rekers or knowledge of his activities in over a decade so FRC can provide no further insight into these allegations.

While we are extremely disappointed when any Christian leader engages in the very activities that they “preach” against, it is not surprising. The Scriptures clearly teach the fallen nature of all people. We each have a choice to act upon that nature or accept the forgiveness offered by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and do our best to ensure our actions, both public and private match our professed positions.

Simply due to the echo chamber nature of the Religious Right, I find Perkins’ statement that FRC has had “no contact with Dr. Rekers or knowledge of his activities” extremely suspect. Groups like FRC and NARTH feed off each others’ work, and all one has to do is visit one of their conferences to see just how interrelated the groups really are.

That said, the thing about us all being “fallen people” is super-lame, and it’s testament to the sad state of morality within conservative/fundamentalist Christendom that they think they can pawn all responsibility off on a piece of fruit a mythical woman ate a long time ago.