Update, May 6: Ex-Gay Watch has determined that FRC did not remove Rekers, but rather relocated references to Rekers during a site redesign.

When it was reported yesterday that ex-gay movement godfather George Alan Rekers had hired a male prostitute for a 10-day excursion to Europe, the Family Research Council — which Rekers co-founded — promptly scrubbed its website free of references to Rekers, without admitting the scandal to its readers.

NARTH, PFOX, Exodus, and Focus on the Family have yet to do so. Here are some ex-gay publications that praise Rekers and treat his religious bigotry as if it were scientific expertise. Expect some of these publications to be quietly scrubbed soon — but don’t look for these organizations to admit that Rekers has been living and proclaiming a lie for most of his life.


Rekers co-founded this think tank for antigay religious activists who misrepresent mainstream mental-health research. The organization’s web site currently has 107 articles citing Rekers as a key authority.

Focus on the Family:

CitizenLink: Psychiatrists Mull Renaming Sexual Disorder: Rekers protests growing accuracy and insight among scientists regarding people who are born with physical and mental aspects of both genders.

Focus on the Family’s Issue Analysis: Culture: Rekers’ religious bias is cited as proof that homosexuality results from bad parenting by an individual’s same-sex parent, and not the other way around.

CitizenLink: Conference Focuses on Help for Sexual-Identity Confusion: Rekers, speaking at a NARTH conference in Florida last November, advocated that evangelicals brainwash children from an early age in order to lock in rigid gender-role behavior and to suppress sexual honesty regarding their sexual orientation.

Focus on the Family’s Issue Analysis: Overcoming Homosexuality: Rekers is cited as one of several superfluous footnotes intended to grant an appearance of legitimacy to FOTF’s contempt for mainstream research into the interaction of genes and other biological factors with sexual orientation.

Answering Parents’ Questions on Gender Confusion in Children: Rekers is cited again as proof that homosexuality is caused by same-sex parents and peers.

Can Homosexuality Be Treated and Prevented?: This article has been removed. Its former summary: “Psychologist George Rekers says there is considerable evidence that change of sexual orientation is possible‚Äîwith or without psychiatric intervention.”

Exodus International:

Exodus International -The Seduction of Our Youth: Christian Parents Are Discovering It CAN Happen Here: Rekers argues that children should be prevented from knowing about and disclosing their sexual orientation until adulthood.

Exodus International – What’s your “success rate” in changing gays : Rekers reviews a study of Exodus “ex-gays” by Christian conservatives Stanton Jones and Mark Yarhouse. He fails to note that the study redefined gay celibacy as a successful conversion to heterosexual orientation; refused to study the vast majority of Exodus counselees who report no change in orientation; and refused to study Exodus counselees who say they were harmed by Exodus’ prescriptions for sexual dishonesty, denial, suppression, and blame.

Exodus International – Gender Identity Disorder: Exodus refers readers to Rekers’ advocacy for gender dishonesty and rigid gender-role conformity.

Exodus International – Homosexuality and the Truth: A Life : Exodus activist Alan Medinger cites Rekers as proof that homosexuality is learned, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays:

PFOX – Hate Crimes Against Ex-gays: PFOX cites Rekers’ false claims about learned homosexuality as proof that violent hate crimes against LGBT people should be punished less harshly than comparable violence against other demographics.

APA Leaders Respond with One Voice: Inclusion: PFOX protests the American Psychological Association’s refusal to give Rekers a soapbox from which to distort the research of other APA member professionals.

Superintendent Letter March 2010hot – The Best for Children: Rekers is a key signer of a letter by antigay activists, falsely claiming to be pediatricians representing mainstream medical advice, warning schools not to tolerate LGBT students.

Q&A on Gender Identity Confusion — Sexual Behavior Disorders: This brochure borrows from Rekers to misdefine “transgender”; falsely equate a variety of transgender conditions with fetishes; and encouragediscrimination against transgender persons in order to compel them to become “ex-transgender.”

PFOX also cites Rekers in several Spanish-language translations of the above publications.