Commence making fun of Virginia now:

Virginia’s attorney general Ken Cuccinelli is hard at work on the important issues of the day — like making sure the Roman goddess depicted on his state’s official seal isn’t exposing herself.

The current seal shows “Virtus, the goddess of virtue, dressed as a warrior,” with her foot resting “on the chest of the figure of tyranny, who is lying on the ground.” She is holding a spear and her left breast is exposed.

Or at least it was exposed. At a recent meeting, Cuccinelli provided pins to his staff with a new seal on which “Virtus’ bosom is covered by an armored breastplate,” the Virginia Pilot reported. These new pins were not paid for by taxpayer dollars, Cuccinelli’s office insisted.

Because, you see, what if kids see it and know that ladies have boobies?  Because how would they have known otherwise?

So anyway, Ken gave Virtus a full-body burkha breast-plate, presumably to keep the male conservative Republicans in the state from masturbating furiously and continuously every time they see an official document from the state of Virginia.

It was a serious problem, you guys!

This, by the way, is the original seal:

I can't even see nipple.  Why am I threatened by this again?

Nico Pitney reminds us that this is not the first time Ken Cuccinelli has shown himself to be a completely mentally disturbed wingnut:

Cuccinelli has previously gained national notoriety for questioning President Obama’s citizenship,rescinding protections for gays and lesbians at Virginia universities, and claiming that homosexuals engage in behavior that is “intrinsically wrong” and offensive to “natural law.”

Uh huh.  Like the natural law of scary, undefined, nipple-free boobies that give Ken Cuccinelli’s friends and family funny sensations in their tingle parts.