We all know that when Cliff Kincaid takes pen to paper, you’re about to come face to face with a level of mouth-foaming crazy that mere haters like Tony Perkins can only dream of. In that spirit, Cliff Kincaid has released a “report” (I’m sure he used the hell out of that scientific method) which claims that the repeal of DADT will put American troops’ lives in danger. Apparently, in Cliff Kincaid’s mind, our troops are weaker than the Israeli, Canadian, and British militaries, and all of the other militaries where gays serve openly. Why does Cliff have so little faith in our troops?

A change in policy would put our soldiers in a confrontation with another deadly enemy — not the homosexuals themselves, but the health problems and life-threatening diseases associated with their lifestyles,” says Cliff Kincaid, the veteran journalist who heads the public policy group, America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI). The 60-page ASI report, written by writer and researcher Dale O’Leary, is available at www.usasurvival.org.

Wait, what? First of all, sexually transmitted diseases are not caused by the “homosexual lifestyle,” and you’ll find no actual doctor (who actually abides by their Hippocratic oath) who’ll support that idea. Secondly, is Kincaid’s hired wingnut saying that if you allow gay troops in, the straight troops will naturally have sex with them? Are we gays really that powerful? Again, why do these men think our troops (gay or straight) are such milquetoast pansies?

Kincaid asked, “How can gay men be admitted into the Armed Forces, where they might be called upon to save the lives through blood transfusions of their fellow soldiers, when they are already prohibited from donating blood because it might be tainted?”

Uh, somebody military help me out here. Does the United States Military have a policy of just giving out blood transfusions all willy nilly? And of course, Kincaid is using the fact that gay men still cannot donate blood (a policy that should have been changed yesterday at the very latest) to insinuate that all gay men have tainted blood. Well, guess what? Mine’s clean, as is the blood of most gay men I know. And I still wouldn’t donate blood if I knew Kincaid might benefit from it.

The report demonstrates that:

• Numerous large well-designed studies have found that gay men and lesbians are far more likely than the general public to have a number of psychological disorders.

Which have been shown time and time again to be the direct result of societal stigma of the kind fostered by Cliff Kincaid, which trickles down into average well-meaning wingnut families, whose rejection of their gay kids sends those kids into spirals of depression, my god! Put more simply — if anti-gay wingnuts stop being anti-gay wingnuts, depression in the LGBT community will go way down.

• Gay men and women are far more likely to have substance abuse problems.

See above, re: depression.

• Cruising, bathhouses, circuit parties, Internet hookups, prostitution, pornography, and Tearoom sex are all defended by gay men as essential to their identity and freedom.

WTF? Defended by which gay men? Because I’m pretty cute and I’ve never been to a bathhouse or a circuit party or to a “cruising spot” or hired a whore. I’ve looked at porn, but then again, all men look at porn. The ones who say they haven’t are lying. Also, what is Tearoom sex?

• Changing the rules on sexual minorities or sexual orientation could open the door to the transgendered and transsexuals.

Oh, and what would happen then? A transgender person would then be able to kill someone with her bare hands, and yet Cliff Kincaid would still be hiding under the bed?

“A change in current policy is not worth the risk,” Kincaid said. “A policy change made in the face of this overwhelming scientific [sic] and medical [sic] evidence will be done for political reasons, in order to appease a special interest group. It could cause lasting damage to our Armed Forces.”

Yeah, like the way it’s destroyed the Israeli military, known to most as the fiercest fighting force in the world.

Fail, dumb wingnut, fail.

Oh, one more thing: I just Googled “tearoom sex,” and found out that it’s the kind that goes on in public restrooms. Um…most of the people who engage in that kind of anonymous sex, or the “public park” kind, or whatever else, identify as straight, and are married to women. In other words, they’re more likely to be friends with Cliff Kincaid than they are to be friends with me or any of the other writers at Truth Wins Out.

(h/t Right Wing Watch)