I wrote last night about Ceara Sturgis, the latest lesbian teenager to give Mississippi the heebie jeebies, what with her intelligence, integrity, and ability to look good in a tuxedo. The people of Mississippi, of course, responded by scrubbing all records of Ceara from her high school yearbook, because you can’t expect any more from the sort of “adults” they breed down there, apparently.

So when I saw this tweet from rising (and for good reason) singer Janelle Mon?°e, I smiled:


I love it. The comments she’s referring to are at Dan Savage’s place, where one person posted the letter they sent Ceara Sturgis’s principal:

Dear Mr. Hawkins,

I can’t believe that you and your administration made the decision to exclude an honor student from this year’s yearbook just because of her sexual orientation and her wish to dress in a different type of formalwear than the other girls in the senior class. How could you be so small-minded and thoughtless? It’s 2010, you should be able to deal with the image of a woman wearing a tuxedo. For example, Janelle Monae looks great in hers and so do her other women dancers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xktMnfb0Q… so maybe you should learn to respect your students’ awesome sartorial choices?

I suggest that everyone else spam him with the “Tightrope” video too.

Heh. Here’s that “Tightrope” video. Janelle and the dancers DO look amazing in their tuxedos, and so do Mississippi girls who happen to love other girls.

Hop on over to Janelle’s website to hear “Cold War” as well. You won’t be sorry.