Thank you for letting us know, Bill!

According to Bill Donohue, gay sex is not abusive if it happens between a priest and an altar boy who’s almost a man anyway:

If a 17-year old guy has sex with an older guy for twenty years, and continues to have sex with him at the age of 38—while he is married with children—is there anyone who would believe his claim that he was sexually abused?

Bill says no. BUT! To clarify: Bill Donohue is completely not gay!

Let me be very clear about this: if some guy tried to kiss me when I was 17, I would have flattened him. I most certainly would not go on a retreat with the so-called abuser


unless, of course, I liked it.

In which case, Bill Donohue woulda said “BRING IT, Father Bonerpants.” I can’t outdo the self-parody here, so I’m out.

From what I can tell, we’re dealing with a story of a Chilean priest who had a twenty year long affair with a guy, which started when the guy was 17 and under the priest’s authority. Donohue also (accidentally, of course) omits the fact that there are three other accusers for this priest.

So, to sum up, Bill Donohue is basically saying that the teenage boy probably liked it, because if Bill Donohue were gay, which he is super not, it would have been super hot, so quit yer cryin’.

(h/t Instaputz)

UPDATE: Also? Tbogg:

Angry butt-rape apologist Bill Donohue wants you to know that a former abuse victim totally loved it and kept coming back for more so this means that the whole priesty-popey-rapey thing is totally overblown.
Q.E.D. Case closed. In your face. Suck it.

Heh. “Priesty-Popey-Rapey.” Filing that one way for later use.