From Muslim to Jesus

(Amazing Grace: Muslim Is Blind And Now She Sees – Thanks to Jesus)

Apparently, so-called “ex-gays” are not enough to satisfy right wing extremists. According to the Christian Broadcasting Network, former Muslim rebels in the southern Philippines are “veering away from violence as they discover Jesus and experience his peace and miracles. Muslim Mariam Mendo is giving her testimony on how God healed her blindness.”

Of course, this must be true, because fundamentalist Christians are always peace loving and never violent.

Just as with the ex-gay ministries, fundies are promising miracles to Muslims. For example, Mariam Mendo, is allegedly giving her testimony on how God healed her blindness.

Mendo, a diabetic, testified she suddenly lost her sight after her blood pressure shot up. Her husband, Spider, who was a former commander of the Muslim rebel group Moro National Liberation Front, comforted Mendo and allegedly asked the pastors to pray for his wife.

“I was not afraid,” Spider said. “I know that everything is in the hands of God and that He will not allow my wife to go blind.”

According to CBN, one of the church elders, Primo Latada, says he was amazed at Spider’s faith.

“I did not expect Spider to have such a strong faith in God,” Latada said. “He said ‘Let us lay hands on my wife and pray for healing just like Jesus when He prayed for the sick in the Bible.'”

After two days, Mendo miraculously regained her sight! He also cured her diabetes!

“The doctor also told me that the diabetes is gone,” Mendo said. “Before, I did not believe in Isa, in Jesus, but now He is in my heart and I believe that He was the one who healed me.”

It was in 2008 when Medno husband, commander Spider, and other Mujahideen fighters heard the Gospel when Christian missionaries visited their training camp. And just recently, Spider underwent water baptism which signifies his total surrender to Jesus Christ.

This was tested when his goats and chickens were stolen.

“I wanted to run after the thieves,” Spider said. “I said nobody steals from me because the people are scared of me. But my pastor reminded me that I should forgive.”

Because of his newfound faith, Spider is persuading Muslim rebel groups to lay down their arms and surrender to the government.

This is truly an amazing story.

Jesus cured blindness and diabetes, converted angry Muslims, stopped Spider from whacking the guy who stole his chickens and caused violent insurgents to lay down their guns.

It seems the ex-Muslim ministries is working much better than the ex-gay ministries. Perhaps, they can share their secrets with the ever-struggling Randy Thomas and Alan Chambers – who can’t seem to “heal” their homosexuality.