She has to, let’s see…write a book about how gay marriage is going to be the downfall of society, so she will be busy:

After just three years of existence, one of the forefront organizations for defending the natural institution of marriage is announcing a changing of the guard. Maggie Gallagher, president and co-founder of the National Organization for Marriage, has announced that she is stepping down as president and placing the organization in the hands of NOM executive director Brian Brown.


Gallagher will remain on the Executive Committee of the Board of NOM, and will continue to work for NOM directing the organization’ cultural and strategic projects.

Gallagher told in a telephone interview that “it was always my plan” to step down. “I’ve never had a desire to run a large political and activist organization. I don’t think it is particularly my gift,” said Gallagher.

You think?

The decision to step down as President, Gallagher said, will not really change her commitment to NOM. She said she will continue to do her work of fundraising, message development, spotting strategic opportunities, and connecting with coalition partners.

Oh, well, whatever. If you want to read Maggie’s announcement (why?), click here. Therein, she brags about NOM’s accomplishments under her tutelage:

In less than three years, NOM has compiled an incredible record of victories (forging coalitions and working with many others who also deserve the credit, we never forget): putting Prop 8 on the ballot in California, overturning gay marriage in Maine, blocking gay marriage bills in New York and New Jersey, fighting in court to protect marriage activists from legal harassment, helping turn “scozzfava” into a verb. (To “scozzfava” a politician is to inform GOP primary voters that he or she is pro-gay marriage).

Two things, Margaret:

1. S-c-o-z-z-A-f-a-v-a. You should be able to spell a word you supposedly single-handedly sent into the popular vernacular. And honestly, I followed that race, and it didn’t really seem that “to scozzafava” somebody was really about gay marriage, specifically, but was more part of a larger teabagging campaign to fling a bunch of poo, thereby electing the first Democrat to a seat held by the GOP since Reconstruction.

2. All those NOM accomplishments sound great, Marge, but how many gay people did you hurt? You should keep numbers on that kind of thing if you really want to motivate your followers. I mean, you want them to stick around in the coming years as they’re relegated to KKK status, right?

TS at Instaputz thinks Maggie may be stepping down to have Rod Dreher’s babies or something, which, who knows?

So now you know. Go back to whatever you were doing now.