Engle close upMore good work from Dr. Warren Throckmorton, PhD.

He reports that The Call Uganda, an organization which has both political and religious purposes and supports Uganda’ Anti-Homosexuality Bill, is preparing for a large rally on May 2.

According to Throckmorton, “The relative quiet in Uganda surrounding the bill could easily be broken by this event.”

As I noted in a report on The Awakening conference in Lynchburg, The Call’s Lou Engle floated the idea at a seminar of having a 500,000 anti-gay youth rally in hopes of reversing gains by the LGBT movement. People should take Engle quite seriously. He is extremely intense and committed to his cause.

Throckmorton has an update: According to Jo Anna Watson, The Call Uganda coordinator, Lou Engle will be in Uganda for the May 2 meeting.

(The picture of Engle, above is from the Awakening Conference last weekend)