Big thanks to the Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center are in order, for Constance McMillen will be going to a real prom after all:

A Mississippi teenager who drew national attention with a legal fight to take her same-sex date to her prom has accepted an invitation to attend a “prom for all” in Memphis on June 5, organizers said.

Constance McMillen, a senior at Itawamba Agricultural High School in Fulton, Miss., who challenged her school’ rules, plans to attend the Memphis event planned by the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center, said Will Batts, center executive director.

“The people that kind of formulated this idea were trying to think of a way to respond to that kind of craziness going on down at (Itawamba),” Batts said.

“They wanted to have some kind of public statement that proms should be for everyone,” he said.


Batts said the Memphis event will be a prom for anyone “from 18 to 80 to go with somebody of their own choosing this time.”

He said that includes couples of any gender. “We have a pretty clear nondiscrimination policy,” he said.

That’s right.