Without further ado, and inspired by the hilarity of the Vatican blaming child rape on gays (funny, since gays, and liberals in general, are the ones exposing these scandals most consistently and most thoroughly), Ranker made a list of the seven craziest things blamed on gays. Numbers one and two are Catholic child rape and 9/11, and you’ll have to click the clicky to read the rest. But the entire piece can be summed up in one sentence from entry number four:

It seems that fundamentalists blame that which they don’t accept or understand (science) on other things they don’t accept or understand (homosexuality).

Yep yep yep! All religious fundamentalists do this, be they Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, or whatever else. Because they’re fundamentally incurious people, and because many of them actually believe that their worldview, however insane and discredited, is correct, things that don’t easily fit, like science, gays, magnets (how do THEY work?) and rainbows have to be awkwardly explained within the confines of their beliefs. The results are absurd.

Things that they don’t like are blamed on gays, blacks, feminists, liberals, Yurp, etc., while things they do like are attributed to, yes, miracles.

(h/t Good-As-You)