Mike Huckabee made news last week when he told a student reporter at the College of New Jersey, among other things, that happily coupled gays who contribute to society are just like perpetrators of incest and drug users, and that gays shouldn’t be allowed to adopt because “children aren’t puppies.” Yeeeeeah. This, despite the fact that every credible study on the subject has shown that children of gays do no worse than children of straight couples, and that as Dan Savage has pointed out, children of gays often do better when you factor in the number of unplanned, unwanted children that straight people create.

Huckabee responded to the student reporter by whining about said student reporter (how dare that reporter quote him directly?!), and now Rachel Maddow has caught wind of it.

I’d say she takes this round, handily, but that’s pretty easy when you have an opponent who is as ignorant as Mike Huckabee:

(h/t Good-As-You)